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Dan's Feedback on 3 Days Shanghai Tour

Contribute by  Dan from Switzerland; Tour date: 11/2/2013

Particular praise for Vanessa Zheng - superb customer service, can only hope the trip lives up to expectaitons!

Dear Vanessa
The whole experience was absolutely fantastic and superbly organised
I am planning on coming back for a longer stay and will most definitely be using your company again
Well done for providing such outstanding service!
Best regards

Dear Vanessa


Please find attached 2 pictures which you may publish


Further feedback:


Tour guide: very knowledgeable, friendly, always on time, safety conscious (for example when crossing roads, in crowds etc.)

Hotel: clean, safe, high quality. Unfortunately there was an incident in the spa but it was quickly and fully resolved once I spoke with the manager

Food at Home’s restaurant: wow, superb! My guide explained the various dishes in detail and even tried to teach me to eat with chop-sticks. When I completely failed he kindly got me a fork!


I trust that this may be of further value to you


Best regards



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