China in Summer

Summer time, where to travel for a cool summer?

Summer is a good season to travel in China, however, you need to consider its heat. To visit some popular attractions to avoid the hottest summer is the first choice. For example, you can visit Kumming, Dali, and Lijiang in Yunnan province to enjoy a cooler summer. To explore ethnic minorities' culture and view beautiful sceneries in Guizhou Province in Southwest China is a great choice in summer. Here, China Travel focuses on more popular destinations to have a summer travel in China.

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Guilin tours


Guilin is famous for its karst landscapes consisting of clear rivers and different-shape hills. Summer is the best time to visit Guilin because of good weather. Located in the North of Guangxi Province, it is well known as a scenic city and one of the most popular destinations loved by travelers from home and abroad. With essential scenery in Guilin, Yangshuo is the most popular county.

To take a cruise along the Li River or Yulong River (Meet Dragon River) is the first thing not to miss in Guilin. You can also visit some wonderful caves in Guilin such as Reed Flute Cave. Besides, Guilin has dozens of scenic parks such as Elephant Trunk Hill Park and Seven Star Park.

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Huangshan Tours

Huangshan (The Yellow Mountain)

The Yellow Mountain, original called Yi Mountain, is located in Huangshan City of South Anhui Province. With height of 1864.8 meters, Yellow Mountain is well known for its sunrise, strangely-shaped pines, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs.

The best time to view a marvelous sunrise in summer is from 04:40 to 05:10 in the morning. If you are lucky, you can have a look at a sea of clouds on the Yellow Mountain, however, it is not as frequent as the period from September to May. Boasting of its rich plants and animal species, Yellow Mountain is on the list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites.

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Jiuzhaigou Travel

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley in North Sichuan Province is famous for its colorful lakes, multi-level waterfalls and snow peaks. As a popular destination in summer, it is one part of the Min Mountains. On the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, the area is influenced by Tibetan culture. You can not only have a feast of unforgettable and amazing scenery, but also experience authentic Tibetan culture.

You can also visit Huanglong when you visit Jiuzhaigou Valley. Located in Songpan County in Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, its unique colorful water pools are impressive. Huanglong is the only well-preserved plateau wetland in China.

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Wuzhen Ancient Town

Wuzhen Ancient Town

As one of top 6 wonderful typical Jiangnan style ancient towns, Wuzhen Ancient Town is situated at Tongxiang in Jiaxing City of Zhejiang Province. With a more than 1300 years history, Wuzhen Ancient Town has kept a lot of residences during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China.

The ancient town is the hometown of Mao Dun, an excellent modern Chinese Writer.
To wander in the Wuzhen Ancient Town or to listen to a Yue Opera is a lovely thing to do in Wuzhen. You can also take a small boat along its river or search for some souvenirs such as silk products.

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Guizhou Travel

Guizhou Province

Located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau of Southwest China, Guizhou Province is a wonderful destination to stay in summer. The average temperature in summer is around 26°C every year.

You can visit Huangguoshu Water Fall in Anshun City, explore special ethnic minority's culture such as Xijiang A Thousand Miao Village in Kaili or visit Zhenyuan Ancient Town. You can also go to Libo County to view Xiaoqikou Ancient Bridge and karst landscapes in Guizhou.

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Lushan National Park

Lushan National Park

Lushan National Park in Jiujiang City of Jiangxi Province is a great summer resort. Its average temperature in July is about 22.6°C every year. Together with Jigong Mountain in Henan Province, Mogan Mountain in Zhejiang Province and Beidaihe in Hebei Province, Lushan Mountain is one of top 4 summer resorts in China.

If you travel in Lushan Mountain, a fog and cloud scenery is one thing not to miss. In addition, you can see rare landscapes and a lot of floras. You can try a cup of Yunwu tea (Cloud Fog tea) which grows in cloud and fog areas on the mountain.

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Tibet Tours


Tibet is a special area in China. Lhasa, the provincial capital, is a vivid pilgrimage in Tibet. A lot of devotional Buddhists come to Lhasa for one time in their life, just because of their religion beliefs. Due to Tibetan unique Buddhism culture and its beautiful plateau scenery, Tibet is on a lot of travelers' must-visit lists. The best time to visit Tibet is from June to September each year.

The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Jokhang Temple, and Norbulingka are popular attractions in Tibet. And you have a chance to visit Mount Everest. Nyingchi, Namtso and Ngari Prefecture are recommended places to visit in Tibet.

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Chengde Mountain Resort

Chengde Mountain Resort

Chengde Mountain Resort in Heibei Province, also named Rehe Palace, is a Chinese imperial palace to escape hot summers and deal with administrative affairs in the Qing Dynasty. Located in Northern Chengde City, it took 89 years to construct the palace. The imperial palace in summer was firstly built in 1703 and finished in 1792. Together with the Summer Palace in Beijing, Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden in Suzhou, Chengde Mountain Resort is one of four famous gardens in China.

Emperors such as Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty spent a summer holiday in the mountain resort every year. It was the second political center after the Forbidden City in Beijing during the Qing Dynasties. Nowadays, it is the largest well-preserved imperial garden in China.

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Yunnan Travel

Yunnan Province

If you want to escape a hot summer in China with beautiful scenery, Yunnan Province in Southwest China is a great choice. Yunnan Province has cool weather in summer, and rich tourism resources. Kumming, the provincial capital, is widely known as a spring city in the whole year. Dali Ancient Town and Lijiang Ancient Town are hot destinations in Yunnan Province.

You can also explore multi-ethnic minorities' culture in Yunnan. The province has the largest kinds of ethnic minority in China. Mosuo people's matrilineal society is the most mysterious in Lijiang. And ethnic minorities living in Yunnan include Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai, Miao, Lisu, Hui, Lahu, Wa, Naxi, Yao, Jino, Aquarium, Mogolian, Blang, Dulong, and Manchu people.

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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake in Northeast Qinghai Province is the biggest inland lake and the largest lagoon in China. A lot of travelers from the whole world head to Qinghai Lake in summer time every year.

June and August are the best seasons to visit Qinghai Lake. Abundant rape flowers on the plateau are opening in June and August. The annual bike race along the Qinghai Lake is held during the period. And there are a lot of birds playing in the Qinghai Lake.

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Qingdao Travel


The Qingdao average temperature in summer is less 5 to 10 ℃ than other northern cities in China. Here, you can visit have a cool holiday of sea scenery. Western style buildings, wonderful beaches and islands are the most attractive in Qingdao. You can visit No. 1 Bathing Beach, Qingdao Polar Ocean World and Zhanqiao Bridge. And tasty fresh seafood feasts and icy cool Qingdao beer are enjoyable in Qingdao.

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Beidaihe  Travel


Beidaihe on north bank of Bohai Bay is a popular place to avoid summer's heat. The Center Beach, the Tiger Stone Marine Park, Lianfeng Hill Park, and Qinhuangdao Wild Animal Zoo are popular attractions in Beidaihe. Pigeon Nest Park is the right place to see sunrise in the morning.

Grass skating and sand skating are exciting programs to try in Beidaihe. To buy some fresh live seafood in the market and find a good restaurant to cook is worth trying in Beidaihe.

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