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The Great Wall of China

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About The Great Wall of China

One account puts the length of the wall at over 3,720 miles. Richard Nixon said it was 2,484 miles long, while Time magazine favored 1,684 miles. What is a fact is that the Great Wall of China extends from Kansu in the west to the Yellow Sea in the east. Ancient records reported that at least one million slaves and prisoners of war were used to build this wall. Many laborers died from exhaustion and starvation while working on this colossal task. Their bodies were added to the rubble and masonry as the quickest means of disposal. For centuries, the Wall was known as "the longest cemetery in the world.

Shi Huangdi was credited with linking the various sections of the wall, which was then known as the Wan Li Chang Cheng (Ten Thousand Li Long Wall), to form what is now known as the Great Wall of China. It twists and winds along hill crests, gorges, and rivers. Its length extends 3,000 miles westward: from the China Sea town of Shanhaiguan to Gansu province. To put this in perspective, it is equivalent to the distance from Los Angeles to Boston, or from London to beyond the Urals mountain chains that separate Europe from Asia.

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Great Wall of China

Great Wall Sections

The Great Wall twists and winds along hill crests, gorges, rivers and deserts and stretches from the west frontier in Gansu province to the China Sea town of Shanhaiguan. Except the well-known walls in Beijing, there are numerous ruined sections across the country.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall Culture

The majestic Great Wall was built with wisdom, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. Many legends and myths exist regarding the building of this wall. Some of the famous stories are as follows:

Great Wall of China

Great Wall Facts

Great Wall of China is well known throughout the world and most people have read about or seen pictures of it. However, not many people really know the detailed history behind the building of this Great Wall. Here are some information about the Great Wall of China: how it was built, when it was built, who built it, how long it is.

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