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Wall of Chu State

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Great Wall of ChinaChu Great Wall was historically called Wancheng or Rectangular wall. Chu was one of dozens of states in West Zhou Dynasty. It ruled the area around Jingshan (territory belongs to today's Hubei Province) with Danyang (at the southeast of Zigui in Hubei Province) as its capital. Chu later moved its capital to Ying (today's Jinwang City northwest of Qianling in Hubei province). To expand its territory, Chu rulers often launched wars against the other states and conquered several smaller states. But it was under the leadership of the king of Chuzhuang that Chu's territory reached its maximum. To consolidate its reign and protect the frontiers, Chu began to build a series of fortresses along the borders. The fortresses were built to conform to natural terrains and were the oldest elements of the Great Wall. Historical documents proved that Chu later linked those fortresses with a series of walls, starting from today's Luyangguan, southwest of Lushan Mountain in Central China’s Henai Province. Few traces of those oldest walls exist today.

Chu walls were expanded and strengthened during the Warrior States to defend against Qin's attack. Chu walls measured around 500 kilometers.

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