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Wall of Han Dynasty

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Great Wall of ChinaGreat Wall, China's legendary defence of line is the country's major historic monument. China started to construct that seemingly impenetrable fortification over 2000 year ago. While the vast majority sections of the wall were ere

The Han Dynasty made great attribution to the Great Wall building. Wall of Han Dynasty was generally believed traversed the Hexi Corridor, the region in the west of the Yellow River to the West Lake in Dunhuang, over 500 km away from the Jiayuguan Pass.

During the West Han Dynasty, the Xiongnu( a name given to the various nomadic tribes in the north) posted a great threat to the Han. To keep the Xiongnu outside, ensure a peaceful environment for its people and protect the smooth trade with kingdoms is Central and West Asia, Han emperors ordered construction of the wall. Wall of Han Dynasty started from the terminus of the Qin Wall in Linzhao, stretching across the Hexi Corrior via, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Yumen and Anxi, etc to the West Lake in Dunhuang. Traces of Han Wall still exist in the areas of Jiayuguan, Yumen, Dunhuang. The wall ruin in Dunhuang is over 150 kilometers long.  

The well-preserved Han Wall was made of earth with reed found in the region 5 kilometers west of the Yumenguan Pass.

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