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Wall of Qin Dynasty

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Great Wall of ChinaQin was the first dynasty in China to construct walls on a grand scale. Qinshihuang was the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. After unifying China, Qinshihuang ordered his great general Mengtian to build a wall to defend against the Xiongnu tribes (a name given to the various nomadic tribes in northern China). Wall of the Qin Dynasty stretched from Litao (today's Min County in Gansu Province) in the north to Lliaoning Province in the east, measuring tens of thousands of meters long. Walls previously built by independent kingdoms were also linked together. The cost in human lives and resources was unimaginable. It is said that among the materials used in the walls was the constructors' bones. Many myths relate this fact, some of which are based on true stories, such as the stary of Mengjiangnu.

Qin Dynasty's unique style and method of wall construction was copied by later dynasties, especially Han. The walls of Qin Dynasty were built mainly on the northern slopes of mountains, using natural terrains as part of the walls. The materials used range from pounded earth, stones or mixtures of both. These made the wall sturdy and durable.

Ruins of the Qin Wall were found around Baotou in China's Inner Mongolia in recent years.

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