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Emblem of Xi'an Horticultural Expo 2011


The emblem of the expo, the pomegranate blossom, is highly appropriate since it embodies a series of "concentric-ring" petal shapes of increasing complexity (the "rings" are polygonal, with each successive polygonal shape possessing an increasing number of sides), each of which shapes corresponds to an important Chinese principle that is directly relevant to the expo in one way or another.

The innermost polygonal shape of the pomegranate blossom is the triangle, which resembles the Chinese character that translates to the word "people" in English. And people, or mankind – together with nature – are the two bearing pillars of the expo's central theme.

Surrounding the pomegranate flower's innermost, or triangular, polygonal shape is a four-sided polygonal shape – a quadrangle – that symbolizes the ancient city walls of Xi'an.

The next polygonal shape in the series of "concentric rings" is the pentagon, symbolizing the five principles of fengshui that represent balance and harmony in all human endeavor.

The final, or outer polygonal shape of the stylized, pomegranate-flower emblem is the hexagon – the characteristic shape of the snowflake – the snowflake being one of many forms that water takes, water in turn being the basis of all life on planet earth, and being one of the five "elements" that make up Flowering Gardens: earth, wind and water, as well as buildings and plants.

Xian International Horticultural Expo Map

Map of Xi'an Horticultural Expo 2011



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