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Mascot of Xi'an Horticultural Expo 2011

Xi'an Horticultural Expo Mascot

The expo's mascot is formed from the same pomegranate theme with the aforementioned polygonal symbolism. It is a very friendly, trusting, stylized human-like figure whose oversized head is a pomegranate that ends in a shock of "hair" – a flower, albeit, a flower that looks more like a daisy than the pomegranate blossom. On the chest of the figure is a stylized pomegranate blossom consisting of the aformentioned "concentric-ring" polygons of increasing complexity, and in alternatingly red and white colors.
The mascot is chiefly in red, with a green-and-yellow "daisy" (shock of "hair") growing out of its crown and with big, black-and-white, wide-set eyes whose pupils are somehow suggestive of the yin and the yang (the gentle, unassuming smile and the wide-set eyes are the key elements that convey a sense of trust).
As mascots go, the 2011 Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition mascot is more hit than miss (well-conceived and well-executed mascots are rarer than their unsuccessful variants!) – in fact, the 2011 Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition mascot looks a bit Walt Disney like (think of an ant, or perhaps the famous Jiminy Cricket Walt Disney figure from the 1958 Walt Disney Productions Christmas Special, where Jiminy Cricket, the host, dressed in 'top hat and tails' (i.e., a tuxedo), famously bids the audience farewell with the words: "From all of us to all of you").

Xian International Horticultural Expo Map

Map of Xi'an Horticultural Expo 2011



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