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Yangtze River Facts

Three Gorges Dam

Yangtze River which flows through Qinghai Province, Tibet Region, Sichuan Province Yunnan Province, Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province, Anhui Province and Shanghai City, is the longest river in China and the third longest one in the world. The Three Gorges section is the most important and famous section of the Yangtze River for both the water conservancy projects and tourism.

Simplified Chinese: 长江

Chinese Pinyin: Cháng Jiāng

Origination: Tanggulashan Mountain

Length: 6300 kilometers (3.915 miles)

Location: Yangtze River is located at latitude between 24°30′and 35°45′N and longitude between 90°33′and 112°25′E.

Facts: Cruising on Yangtze River is very popular for both Chinese and foreign tourists. Usually, Yangtze Cruise starts at Chongqing and ends at Yichang. The attractions along the cruising section are Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge, Three Gorges Dam, the Lesser Three Gorges, Yichang and Wuhan.

Yangtze River Attractions

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Yangtze River Attractions Chongqing Attractions Chongqing Attractions Wanxian Attractions Qutang Gorge Wu Gorge Xiling Gorge Three Gorges Dam Yichang Attractions Jingzhou Attractions Dongting Lake Wuhan Attractions Shanghai Attractions Lesser Three Gorges

Downstream: Chongqing - Yichang, Chongqing - Shanghai, Chongqing - Jingzhou
Upstream: Yichang - Chongqing, Shanghai - Chongqing , Jingzhou - Chongqing


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