Honghe River Canyon Tourist Resort

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The resort lies 13 kilometers away from Qingyuan County. Honghe River originates from Gunma Ridge of Longgang Mount. The crystal-like water winds across forests and peaks. Mountains beside Honghe River are high and majesty. Wild flowers with red blossoms on the mountain are reflected in the river water, which therefore seems like red and rosy clouds. It is for this that the river is called Honghe River (‘Hong’ in Chinese means ‘red’).

Honghe River Canyon Tourist Resort is famous for three scenic components:

The first is the upper stream of Honghe River in Fengwei Slope. It is reputed as Xanadu. Here tourists can enjoy various recreation facilities and programs such as Shuishangleyuan (Paradise on Water) and Golden Beach, etc.

The second is a comprehensive service district, widely known as Langwotingyue (means appreciating the moon accompanied by waves) or HushanXianjing (referring to beautiful lakes and mountains like those in a fairyland). There are a lot of recreation infrastructures and facilities like Number one and Number Two Docks as well as 36 yachts and powerboats. Besides, tourists here will enjoy to their heart content the beautiful scenery of Island Buddha Hall, the Sakyamuni Buddhist Sculpture, Yueya Island, and Yangguansandie Waterfall; moreover, you can experience the quality service by Summer Camp, Recreation Village, Honghe Restaurant, Yiyuan Restaurant and Huacao Whiff program.

The third is Honghe River Canyon, to be specific, the down Stream of Honghe River known as Taodalongmen (means the waves flap the grand gate through which a carp could become an immortal dragon according to Chinese legends). Here you can find a big natural bathhouse and grand mountain gate, etc.

The total tour line extends for six kilometers long. Sitting in a boat and drifting leisurely on the crystal-clear water, tourists can fully appreciate the fantastic scenery of lakes and mountains, and experience the sentiment of the great nature.

Honghe River Canyon Tourist Resort boasts of 90% coverage of green trees. There are hundreds of wild herbs, editable fungus, wild animals and plants, traditional Chinese herbs and flowers, presenting a natural biological and zoological exhibition hall of Northeast China. Major services programs here involves catering, accommodation, picnic, forest journey and exploration, investigation and research on wild plants and animals, summer camp, sightseeing in garden village and tour on biological farms, etc.

Honghe River Canyon Drifting

Drafting in Honghe River Canyon starts from Shahezi Hamlet of Dasu River Village to the mouth of Yaozhan Channel. It covers a distance of 12.8 kilometers long and therefore offers a two-hour drifting. This section of Honghe River enjoys rich precipitation and good water quality. The drifting acreage is 20 to 50 meters wide and one meter deep on average with an appropriate fall. There are twenty moderate and torrential sections in the river in terms of water speed. The moderate sections are characterized by ease and leisure while the torrential sections feature adventurousness but no danger. In a word, the Honghe River Canyon is a unique spot for drifting and thus reputed as “The Best Drifting Spot in China”.

Drifting season starts from May 20th to the National day (the golden week: Seven-day Holiday). The integral period will last about four months.

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How to Get There?
there are buses in the city

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9: 00-18: 00

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1.Suggested Tour Hours: three hours 2.Transportation Lines: 3.Shenyang—Qingyuan:It is 150 kilometers away from Shenyang to Qingyuan. Tourists can first take the Shenyang-Fushun Highway to Fushun, move north after crossing the bridge, and take No. 202 National Highway to Qingyuan County. Individual tourists can take a long-distance bus and reach Qingyuan directly (the ticket price is 25 yuan per person), or arrive at Qingyuan by train (the ticket price is 11 yuan one person). Either way can take you to or back from Qingyuan within one day. 4.Changchun—Qingyuan: every morning at 9: 00 there is a bus to Qingyuan in Changchun Long-distance Passenger Station (the ticket price is 40 yuan one person). Tourists can drive a car themselves from Qingyuan, take No. 202National Highway until Meihe River mouth, move west 70 kilometers to Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County, and finally return after drifting on the same day. .

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