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Leifeng Memorial

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Lei Feng Memorial was constructed in 1964 and repaired in 1992. Now the new memorial, a two-floor building, covers an area of 56700 square meters with the shape of a red flag. The five Chinese characters (in Pinyin: Lei Feng Ji Nian Guan) which means Leifeng Memorial were inscribed by Jiang Zemin, the former president of PRC. Lei Feng Memorial is one of the first arrays of key cultural relics under protection designated by the nation. The main exhibitions in the Memorial include Lei Feng Monument, Lei Feng Cemetery, and Lei Feng Story Exhibition Hall.

There are the round hall and the exhibition hall on the first floor. At the center of the round hall stands a 4.7-meter-high copper statue of Lei Feng. The wall of the round hall is painted with large-scale frescoes for decoration. Besides, there are more than 400 files or documents of Lei Feng, including over 140 pictures and inscriptions for extolling Leifeng by more than 20senior Chinese leaders, such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping, etc.

The second floor is the exhibition of stories of Fushun People learning from Lei Feng. It displays the positive and progressive models of the people in Fushun in learning from Leifeng, pictures of Chinese leaders visiting the Leifeng Memorial in Fushun. The story of Lei Feng moves the latter generations and therefore the spirit of “Serving the People” of him is not and will never fall behind the time when we largely promote the socialist spiritual and moral standards.

Lei Feng Monument stands on the principal axis of the Memorial. It is constructed with granite of 13.4 meters high. On the front surface of the monument engraves seven big Chinese characters by Chairman Mao meaning “Learning from Comrade Lei Feng”, and at the lower part of the monument embedded a basso-relievo made of white marble. Lei Feng Memorial is encircled by green pines and emerald cypress. Behind it lies a gray granite stele the back of which is carved with life stories of Lei Feng.

On the square in front of the cemetery stands the five-meter high full-body statue of Lei Feng. Lei Feng Story Exhibition Hall displays to us the real stories of Lei Feng’s 22-year short life. Lei Feng Memorial has become an important front for further introducing Lei Feng spirit to the public and conducting studies on Lei Feng.

Lei Feng (1940-1962) was born in a poor family in Changsha City, Hunan Province and his parents were peasants. After the liberation of People’s Republic of China, thanks to the care and consideration of the Communist Party of China and central government, Lei Feng was offered the opportunity to receive education. Graduated from primary school, he found a job in Changsha and later participated in socialist construction in various places, winning a lot of rewards for his excellent performance. In 1960, Lei Feng joined the army and CPC in October of the same year. He made much contribution to the society and won wide rewards and extol. Unfortunately, he passed away on August 15th, 1962 when he was only 22 years old.

“Life is limited; however, serving the people is infinite. I will make good use of my limited lifetime and contribute it to infinitely serving the people…”—this is what Lei Feng said and put into practice as well.

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tourists can take Bus No. 3, 105 and 803 to the Memorial.

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8:00-21: 00

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Suggested Tour Hours: three hours

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