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Shanyuan Temple on Baoquan Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

The Shanyuan Temple on Baoquan Mountain is characterized by and famous for grandness, broadness, exuberant trees and flowers, quietness and elegance. It used to be called Shengshui Temple, a sub-courtyard of Ci’en Temple in Shenyang. The layout of the temple is unique. There are Daxiong Royal Hall, Goddness of Mercy Hall, Dizang Hall, Tianwang Hall, Clock Tower and Drum Tower, all of which are constructed with exquisiteness and grandiosity, and decorated with colored glaze. Each day about a hundred disciples will gather in the mediation hall. The temple also boasts of a unique, Recumbent Buddha statue made of a 30-ton heavy Burma jade. Besides, there are some cultural relics, such as documents and inscriptions from the ruling period of Qinglong Empire, Qing dynasty, and a grand clock donated by the fifth concubine of Zhang Zuolin (a reaction warlord in 1900s) in the period of Republic of China. The road inside the temple is paved with colored bricks and it is decorated with many beach umbrellas. The temple now is also equipped with food and drinks as well as recreation facilities such as skating courses. The temple is cuddled by green and verdant trees, presenting a fantastic site for praying to Buddha and entertainment.

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How to Get There?
there are passenger buses traveling from the urban area to the development zone.

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8: 00-18: 00

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Suggested Tour Hours: two hours

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