Yuanshuailin National Forest Park

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Yuanshuailin National Forest Park is located in the northeastern part of Fushun City in East Liaoning Province and lies in the mausoleum area of Zhang Zuolin (a reaction warlord in 1900s) in the northeast bank of Dahuofang Reservoir.

The park is situated in the converging place of Hunhe River and Suzi River, and in the northern part of Sa’erhu River facing Tiebei Mountain. The park is characterized by exuberant trees and grotesque hills. It is run across by Suzi River, Hunhe River and Sa’erhu River, and accompanied by crystal water of Dahuofang Reservoir. Scenery of the forest park therefore features quietness, elegance and delight. Exhibited in the park are stone sculptures and embossments of Ming and Qing dynasty. They are exquisite and vivid with unique styles. Besides, there are historical relics of the residential of Hanwang Emperor of Ming dynasty. The co-existence of natural and historical relics wins reputation for the park which has become a forest tourist resort. Sa’erhu Mountain in the nearby is also a famous tourist attraction, boasting of historical and cultural relics including the ancient city sites of Jin dynasty and stone steles by Qianlong Emperor for commemorating the Sa’erhu War.

Yuanshuai Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Warlord Zhang Zuolin. It lies in East Fushun County near to Tiebei Mount Station.


On June 4th, 1928, Zhang Zuolin was murdered on the Shenyang Express by Japanese when he returned from Beijing to Huangutun. In order to find a good graveyard, his family employed a master of geomantic master to search for one and finally chose this site. Later Zhang Xueliang (a great general of Kuomintang) and his wife as well as the concubines of Zhang Zuolin decided to build the mausoleum here. It was started from May, 1929, and completed three years later. The mausoleum is composed of three parts, namely, square city, round city and grave, accounting for 14.5 hectares. The integral construction of the mausoleum is characterized by grandness, precise layout and refulgence. It combines the custom of mausoleum building in former dynasties and the originality of western styles. For instance, the wall of the square city is quite high; constructions in front of the gate is of Ming and Qing Style; Green colored glaze tiles with beautiful drawing or patterning support the ridge; the single-eave is of Xieshan Style; there are blockhouses at the four corners, etc. Due to the September 18th Incident which happened when the mausoleum was to be completed, the reliquiae of Zhang Zuolin failed to be buried here and the mausoleum became an empty one. Considering Zhang Zuolin was a general but not an emperor, his mausoleum was then called Yuanshuailin (means the mausoleum of the General).

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there are railway lines running from Shenyang to Qingyuan, Jilin or Tonghua. They all pass Yuanshuai Mausoleum and stop at Yingpan Station. Tourists can either get off from bus at Yuanshuai Mausoleum or take a car from Fushun to the destination.

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Suggested Tour Hours: three to four hours

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