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Bible Temple

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A Brief Introduction of the Tourist Spot

The creator of the temple, that is the first lam, Bao Gan Caozhalanbi, who is from Chaoyang, traveled around to collect fund and plan to rebuild the temple. The plan is also the hope of the alms giver, Sub-prefect Bingtu. It was planned to build 81 rooms, but only 78 rooms were at last built. The 78 rooms which are splendid and colorful are distributed in the attics of three floors. The first floor is a palace for chanting scriptures and the second floor is Tibetan Scripture hall. The carvings of roof beam, column, and sets of brackets on top of the columns of the two floors are very exquisite and bright in luster. On the wall of the third floor except for the northern wall there are paint-coated mural paintings, such as Map of Reincarnation which is vivid as if it is living, Astronomic Graph of Eight Diagrams, Four major king's Sakyamuni and Buddha, the king Buddhism, legend stories such as the god and popular legend " white girl of blue and green ox ", etc. There are three mountain gates, 14 rooms in the left side and the right side respectively, 7 rooms as kitchen and several attached courtyards which are the dormitories of Lamas. In front of the mountain gate there is a pair of stone lions, flagpoles and scripture transferring tower, etc, which cover an area of 20 thousand square meters. The area is named as Zhalan Temple. The architecture style of the temple imitates the Tibet’s Potala Palace, which is the building made from the steel of zirconium.

In Guangxu 27th Year (1901), the second lama Bao Gancaotugejie was famous all over the world because of his effort of collecting scriptures. There were 512 lamas at that time. Two white towers were built in the northeast of the main temple, which were ruined in the Period of the Culture Revolution. Later the temple was renamed as Bible Temple and never changed any more.


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one can take bus in Fuxin City to reach Zhangwu County Seat and get off, then take taxi or minubus to get to the scenery spot.

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