Chahai Cultural Relics

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A Brief Introduction of the Tourist Spot

The cultural relic unearthed form the relic has proved to be more than 800 years. They were made approximately at the end of 6th century or 5th century B.C. The relic is the relic in Neolithic age in prehistory that is discovered earliest and best preserved.

Chahai culture is a series of totally new archeological materials. It is the most important agricultural place of origin in the region of Liao River in the north of China and also one of the resources of Hongshan culture. It is a place of origin where the image of dragon came into being among Chinese people and was worshipped as original totem of character religion. In the middle of the relic and closely near the south of the large scale household, right up the Mausoleum, the most inspired stone sculpture in the form of dragon in the Chahai Relics was unearthed, which is 19.7 meters long and 1.8 to 2 meters wide. The sculpture is made of red or brown stones of same size. The head of the sculpture is in the south and the foot of it is to the north. The sculpture is ornamented with colored ribbons. The dragon sculpture opens its mouth with the chin up, hunchbacked to curve the body with indistinct tail. Viewing from the high place, the dragon sculpture seems to fly. It is the largest dragon sculpture which is discovered earliest ever since in China. It is proved that as early as 800 years ago people in China has known that the image of dragon can be used to symbolize a certain idea of character religion. The discovery of the sculpture will help people to explore the origin of the dragon and to study worship of the original character religion totem.

Chahai Relic not only has a long history but is also well preserved. The historical relic uncovered is extremely abundant and is meaningful. It is called as No. 1 Village in China by many experts. It is related closely to the history of Chinese people, especially the No. 1 Dragon and pottery flakes unearthed in the relic, which make the relic a holy land of Chinese people all over the world confirming and worshipping their ancestors.


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one can take long-distance bus from Fuxin City to get to the spot

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Tips:the best time to travel around is from May to October

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