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Damo Forest Sea

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A Brief Introduction of the Tourist Spot

The sand land was formed because of the erosion of Horqin sand land in the northern part of Mongolia and the flood of Liu River. It was formed by the wind. After the foundation of the new China, the mountain was divided from the other area and forests were constructed. Trees and grasses were planted to keep the water and the earth. With the help of the experiments of sand fixing and forest building in Zhanggutai and the study of how to improve the quality of sand land, more trees were planted to prohibit the area of sand land from increasing. Positive effect was gained. The area of moving dunes decreased to be only 39.2 thousand mu, which distributes in places like the urban and rural area of Sihe, Zhanggutai Town, Houxinqiu Town and Arxiang Animal Farm, etc. The area which is cultivated amounts to 430 thousand mu.

Zhanggutai lies in the southern part of Horqin sand land, which is called as Eight Hundred li of Broad Sea. At the early days of foundation of People’s Republic of China, the sand sea here was broad and the sand hills were increasing and moving. Besides, the moving dunes corrode the large stretch of good farmland. At the beginning of 1950s, our county set an institute of sand fixing and forest building. With the effort of the people of the institute for thirty and more years, an oasis was at last cultivated in the desert, which is a ten thousand hectare of forest to proof wind and fix sand. The amazing scene is like a green gem inlayed in the golden sand sea. The ten thousand hectare of forest is as broad as a sea; the green leaves are very thick; the birds are singing happily and the flowers are giving out stretch of fragrance. The beasts are running in the forest and the birds are flying all over. The sea of pinewood is moving in the wind as if it is dancing and whispering.

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One can take bus from Fuxin City to Zhangwu County Seat and get off, then take taxi or minibus to reach the scenery spot.

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