Daqing Channel Scenery Area

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A Brief Introduction of the Tourist Spot

Daqing Channel is tens of li long, fifty to one hundred and fifty meters deep (li is the length unit in China, which equals to 0.5 kilometer). The channel ditches 20 to 26 degrees, the bottom of the channel is 50 to 150 meters wide and the top of the channel is 200 to 800 meters wide. The fountain head of the channel is in Inner Mongol Zhemeng Ke Zuoyou Qi. 

Daqing Channel Reservoir was bult in the year 1958 and was enlarged in the year 1973 with a water area of 286.6 square kilometers. There is a sand dam which is 320 meters long and 23.3 meters high. The capacity of the reservoir is 10.15 million cubic meter. The reservoir effectively irrigates an area of 28,000 mu. The water area to raise fish is 1,400 mu, which is rare in the world. People praise that the reservoir is not dry in the great drought and not suffers form water logging in flood, the water is as clear as a mirror and the fish is delicious and fat. It is a pearl inlayed in the south of Horqin sand land.

Daqing Channel is covered with green plants and flowers in all the four seasons. The plants in the channel amounts to 700 varieties, of which xylophyta is up to one hundred and more. According to its natural location, three plant groups are divided, the representatives of which are Manchurian ash, Mongolian oak, big fruit elm respectively. The plants which can be used as medicine amount to two hundred varieties and more. Plants that have ornamental valuation amount to thirty-four varieties. The flowers are luxuriant in all the four seasons. Hundreds of Flowers in different colors come into being together, which makes the channel full of energy. Flowers blooming in summer are herbaceous peony, lily fragrant line chrysanthemum, Chouli, wild rose, big medicine lady's slipper, etc. Nanshe Rattan is full of fruits, the red fruits and yellow calyx of which are praised as the plum blossom in northern part of the county. Fiber plants are also widely distributed. The resources of the wild fruit plants are also abundant. The plantation resources of edible wild herbs are also abundant. Besides, there are also rare fungi plant resources such as hedgehog hydnum, cloud sesame, black Auricularia, dried mushroom, etc

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How to Get There?
one can take long-distance bus from Shenyang to Zhangwu County and then take the bus from Zhangwu County to Daqing Channel. There are two buses traveling from Zhangwu County to Daqing Channel every day, which start at 7:20 and 14:00 respectively and stay for a while in Daqing Channel and return Zhangwu County immediately. One can also take long-distance bus from Fuxin City to reach the tourist spot.

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