Haitang Mountain High Cliff

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A Brief Introduction of the Tourist Spot

 The High Cliff Sculpture is in the tourist District of Haitang Mountain, where the scene is beautiful and the mountains are high and dangerously steep. The apexes of the mountains are numerous and high with green cypress. The pines are as high as if they reach the sky. The odd rocks are up and down. Wild cuckoo and exotic flowers and rare herbs and exquisite magical precipice statues reflect each other muddily, pleasantly and showing unique characteristics.

The High Cliff Statues is on the steep huge rocks. The varieties of the statues are enormous. Among the mountains or on the mountain ridges, on the granites of different sizes, different Buddhists are carved everywhere, which are in various forms. There are 260 and more statues which are well preserved. The highest statue is 5 meters high and the lowest one is only 0.3 meter. Most of the statuses were made in dynasties of Qing and Ming, which have a history of 300 and more years. They are living representatives of Tibet Buddhism in Eastern center. Of all the statues, some group is made up of ten statues, while some other group is made up of as many as 26 statues, which are called as Immortals Gathering on the Stone. The statues were carved in various ways, such as Yang carving of relief (Yang means the positive side of a subject), Yin carving of relief (Yin means the negative side of a subject) and carving of relief in the shrine, etc. The carving skills are very exquisite. The Buddhists on the granites are as soft and plump as if they are made of mud, showing the special Buddhists arts of the eastern with unique style of the nation.

The statues are all precious treasures either judged from their carving, color or models. They can be listed as the best works of Chinese folk art with very high appreciation value and historic value.

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one can take Bus no. 13 and 22 in Fuxin city to get to the spot. Bus No. 13 is in the eastern market and no. 22 is in the square or Zhanqian.

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