Haitang Mountain Natural Reserve Area

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A Brief Introduction of the Tourist Spot

Haitang Mountain Scenery Spot combines the natural scenes and humanistic scenes (Haitang is Chinese flowering apple, {Malus spectabilis} (Ait.) Borkh). The scenery spot is the famous Buddhism Mountain in northeast. Haitang Mountain is beautiful with attractive scenes. It is famous for its special rocks and apex, ancient pine trees and purple cypress, deep valleys. It is comparable to the steepness of Huashan Mountain and the rareness of Huangshan Mountain. It has a reputed name of Little Huashan Mountain in Liaoxi Province (Huashan, Huangshan, Taishan, Hengshan, etc are named as the five most great mountains in China).

Among the humanistic scenes the most unique are the high cliff sculptures and Pu’an Temple with the name of little Potala Palace. The high cliff sculptures which can be listed as the most special scene in China stands all over the mountain. The carving way of the sculptures is unique in China and is the cultural gem of Chinese people. Pu’an Temple locating here was originally built in 1683, Kangxi 22nd year of Qing Dynasty. It is administrated by six living Buddha of Five generation. The temple is the center of Tibet Buddha in East with the name of Little Potaha Palace. The plague of Pu’an Temple was granted by Daoguang Emperor. Cuoqing Grand Temple was repaired in July 2002. The temple covers an area of 968 square meters. It is grand in unique style. It is splendid. The whole temple is built with 6 kilogram gold and 1,200 pieces of gems. It is the largest Tibet Buddha Temple which is renovated in the area of Northeast.

The sculpture of Buddha’s mother under a great white umbrella is 9.9 meters high, which is the largest sculpture inside the room. The sculpture shows the Pu’an temple’s religion and culture. It is open to the tourist.

Seeing from the top of the mountain, the other scenery areas can be appreciated very well. The unique apex and odd rocks in luxuriant forests would make you fell really refreshed. The Xiaqi Mountain area in the center in different appearance would make you extremely elegant. The Yunluo Bishui, which means the cloud is falling down to the green water, would totally satisfy your desire of enjoying the beauty of Nature. The scenery area of Songyun Fengtao, which means pines in wind, boasts many rare flowers and grasses and one would linger on with no thought of leaving.

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one can take taxi or minibus to the scenery spot.

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