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Liukeng Old Village

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Liukeng village is 3.61 square kilometers in area. There are altogether 820 households and 4290 people, most of who are surnamed Dong. It was initially built during Wudai South-Tang Shengyuan Period(937-942), which is over one thousand years old. Since Song Dynasty, there is altogether one civil Zhuangyuan (scholar ranking first in the national examination) and military Zhuangyuan respectively, 33 Jinshis (scholars ranking second in the national examination), 78 Jurens (scholars ranking third in the examination). Over 50 persons obtained the position of county magistrate and the highest position the LIukeng people had ever occupied is assistant administrator in the central government. Besides, Liukeng was also the hometown of one imperial doctor and a couple of experts specializing in science, religion, literary, Wushu, calligraphy, architecture, business, etc. Apart from the outstanding historical figures, there are magnificent ancient architectures with a complete collection of styles and all kinds of brilliant cultural relics such as calligraphies, paintings and engravings. According to authentication by some experts, there are 260 relics of traditional architectures of various styles in the village, 19 of which are the relics of Ming Dynasty. As for the types, there are watch tower, ancestral hall, houses, shops, temples, joss houses, torii, colleges, tombs, bridges, village walls, lakes, wells, wind-rain pavilions, towers, etc. Countless steles, couplets and household cultural antiques make the old village a valueless historical cultural treasury.   

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There is bus from Fuzhou bus station to Le’an County, with a fare of 40 yuan.

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