Drum Mountain

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Drum Mountain or the Drum Hill has enjoyed good reputation and a long history. It is a very significant tourist spot in Fuzhou and is believed to be one of the matchless scenic natural beauties in the province. The mountain is also well known for its Buddhist significance. 

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Drum Mountain is located on the northern banks of the Min River and spread over 48 sq km area. On the top of the hill there are several natural rock formations that resemble a drum. Celebrities and writers have been visiting this location for centuries and have been writing inscriptions as well as poems on the rocks. There are over 20 tourist spots on the hill’s eastern side, dozens in the west, 45 in north and 50 in south. Tourists can climb up the hill and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery as well as stunning landscapes around the 1800 meter trail.

Ancient Path of Hill

The ancient path has more than 2000 steps and it was the only method available for climbing the top of the hill. This path can be used to visit the Yongquan Temple which comes after walking 3.5 km after the seven pavilions. Along the route visitors can see various stone inscriptions, a tea plantation, several caves and beautiful scenery.

Inscriptions on the Precipices

The inscriptions are highly culturally valuable. These inscriptions can be found throughout the area and have been left in the past years by important men. Over 300 inscriptions can be found throughout Drum Mountain. These are different in content and style and contain almost all styles of Chinese calligraphy. The inscriptions here have provided a lot of information for those researching the history of ancient Chinese calligraphy.

Yongquan Temple

This temple is built in a very grand complex and has 25 halls in Qing and Ming Dynasty styles. The temple is regarded to be a Buddhist Sutras Treasure. It is believed that during its peak there had been over 1500 monks in the temple. Four large boilers from Song Dynasty can be found in the temple. The largest of these boilers can boil 1000 kg water along with 250 kg rice.

Eighteen Scenes

One of the biggest attractions in Drum Mountain are the 18 very vivid spots of caves and rocks. Every scene tells a different story. Many of these are interesting displays of the pictures of various beasts like the Tiger Rock or Lion Peak. Many others are related to popular legends and myths of Avalokitesvara. 

Viewing Stand 

This is a beautiful spot to enjoy the view of the entire Fuzhou City. It is also a good place to relax and rest, enjoy the cool breeze and a cup of tea after the long hike. The stand also offers native poultry, fresh vegetables and authentic local dishes. 

White Cloud Cave 

The cave is located in the northwestern area of the Drum Mountain. The cave received its name since clouds can often be seen floating inside the cave when viewed from a distance. It is popular for its waterfalls, clear springs, steep and precipitous cliffs, legend sites and celebrity footprints.

Ancient Trees and Waterfalls 

Drum Mountain is home to over 23 beautiful waterfalls. Visitors can view these waterfalls from distance or from near, in an overlook view or upward view. The mountain is also well known for its many ancient trees. The area has over 1600 trees that are older than 100 years of age, some even more than 1000 years old.

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take special line tourist bus or 39 bus.

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