Shipaiyang Scenic Area

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Shipaiyang is located in the Haitan strait west of Haitan island and 1.4 kilometers far from Kanao village of Suao town. The shape is two gigantic stones standing confronting with each other, one is higher than the other. The higher is 33meters, and the lower is17 meters. They stand gloriously in the midstream, just like skyscraping pillars positing between sky and the sea. They are picked up by a reef plate at the bottom, which is like a ship hoisting its sail. In the morning fog or sunset glow, the sea glows with wave light, while the two stones are like two large ships cruising lively with hoisting sails. When the wind appeases and the view is bright, they are like big ships mooring motionlessly. When the wind is blowing heavily with ferocious waves, they are like ships with strong sails piercing through the waves. So the scene is named as "half ocean stone sail", and is one of the ancient ten sceneries of Pingtan.

At the bank of Shipaiyang, there is a piece of rugged sea-eclipsed tan, most of which are like flags, drums and swords, distributing orderly ,pervading the beach of Kanao. They are named anciently as "beating stone camp" ,especially on the wall beach of Kanao, there is a Buddha figure like a half relief with a height and width both of 12meters,bald head and raised belly, sitting with his leg crossed. The figure is a wonderful natural scene with imagination and vividness.

It takes half a day to travel in Shipaiyang. The buses can arrive directly at the banks or beach, and Yachts can take you to the stone sail.

Best traveling time: summer and winter. At that time, the shining sun and green trees take on a southern landscape, especially suitable for northern travelers.

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there are buses directly arriving at Chengguan, Pingtan at the southern bus station in Fuzhou, transfer to the bus to Suao, then take a motorbike to the scenic spot after .

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