Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area

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Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area is located along the banks of the Dongzhang Reservoir and is 10 km from Western Fuqing City. The area is well known for its flourishing bamboos and jagged rocks of bizarre shapes.

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Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area is located along the banks of the Dongzhang Reservoir and is 10 km from Western Fuqing City. The area is well known for its flourishing bamboos and jagged rocks of bizarre shapes.

The Door Pavilion 

At the mountain’s foot is the door pavilion which is 6 m in depth and 29 m in width. The pavilion has 16 carved stone columns. The roof is made with yellow glazed tiles, horn ridge eaves as well as a picture of two dragons playing with balls. The pavilion has been built with ethnic characteristics.

The Shizhu Temple 

While there are several great attractions in the Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area, the main attraction is the Shizhu Temple. The temple is located on a hillside cliff. It is a major attraction in the area. The temple had first been built during the Tang Dynasty in the Dazhong year and had been named Lingbaoguan. The temple had been built for Taoism devotion but also had a mix of Confucian. It received its current name during the Song Dynasty in the 9th year of the Qiandao. 

The Main Attractions 

The main attractions in Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area are the Place of Sorrow, Jade Emperor Temporary Palace, Ziyun Building, Tower of the Buddhist Relics, Palace of the Mercy Goddess, Hall of the Earth, Tianjun Palace or Yuhuang pavilion, Xianjun building or the Jiuxian pavilion. One of the people to be consecrated here was Han Dynasty’s Jiuxian He. Jiuxian Pavilion has the most exuberant candles and incense and it attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the country that come to pray for their dreams.

The Drum Mountain

This scenic area is also very famous for the Drum Mountain. Drum Mountain is located on the northern banks of the Min River and spread over 48 sq km area. On the top of the hill there are several natural rock formations that resemble a drum. Celebrities and writers have been visiting this location for centuries and have been writing inscriptions as well as poems on the rocks.
There are over 20 tourist spots on the hill’s eastern side, dozens in the west, 45 in north and 50 in south. Tourists can climb up the hill and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery as well as stunning landscapes around the 1800 meter trail. It has several profound holes and unique rocks such as Stone of the Pantao, Stone of Snake and Turtle, Chessboard Stone, Mandarin Duck Stone, flying stone, Crane Shadow Stone, Dragon Nest, Picking Star Platform, Hole of Moon and Sun, Exceedingly High Hole, Heaven Hole and Purple Cloud Hole.

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10km from West Fuqing City

How to Get There?

Buses are available from downtown Fuqing directly to the Shizhu Mountain from Yuanhong Road or Ximen Station. The distance is just 10 km and tickets are available for around CNY 2.5 per person. From Fuzhou, tourists can take fuses from the southern bus station or the Qauntou passenger northern station for Fuqing. The fare is CNY 16 and the distance is 43 km. From there, tourists can transfer at Hong Road for the bus going to Shizhu Mountain.

Ticket Price:

CNY 10

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

When visiting the Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area, visitors can also visit the Shizhu Temple. The entry fee for the temple is CNY 8.

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Shizhu Temple on the cliff of the hillside is worthwhile to visit.


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