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Fuzhou Jiangxi Travel Guide

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Fuzhou Jiangxi Overview

Fuzhou enjoys a history of more than 2200 years. It has been renowned worldwide as “the cradle for talents” since literature has always been prosperous and famous scholars abound there ever since ancient times. As early as Tang Dynasty, the notable poet Wangbo gave his credit “the brush of Linchuan is endowed with divine light” (Linchuan: the ancient name of Fuzhou) in his verse Tengwang pavilion that has been recited from generation to generation. Two of the Eight Masters of Ancient Chinese prose in Tang-Song Dynasty, Wanganshi and Zenggong were born in Fuzhou. Besides, there were noted poets Yanshu and Yanjidao, who were father and son, the great dramatist Tangxianzu who is reputed as the Oriental Shakespeare, psychologist Luxiang in Song Dynasty, Raoyutai,who is credited as one of the Four Great Masters in the Physics World, Lijingquan, a proletariat revolutionist, and Shutong, a calligrapher in modern times. All these great masters and celebrities both in ancient and modern times, glowing like the stars in the sky of history, distinguish Linchuan people from the rest of the country and their achievement will benefit the offspring forever.