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Fuzhou Food

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Fuzhou Featured Food:

Litchi Meat

Litchi meat is the traditional famous dish of Fujian and has a history of two or three hundred years. It gained its name because its color, shape and taste are all similar to those of litchi. recipe: cut the pork into slanting cubic by cross colored knife. Due to the proper depth and width of cutting , the fried food curls into the shape of litchi. Add it with ketchup, vinegar, white sugar ,soy sauce and other ingredients

Fish Meat Ball

Chop the shark,  eel or fresh-water fish into mashes, mix them with yam flour. The whole mixture can be used as cover. Take lean pork or shrimp as the stuffing. Pinch it into the shape of ball. The food is one of the  flavor snacks with Fuzhou characteristic with thin and even cover, white and bright color, and it tastes slippery and crisp with the soup fatty but not creasy.

Cake With Garlic And Meat

Traditional flavor snack of Fuzhou. It is a kind of roasted cake taking the flour as the main ingredient, and fat pork, chopped garlic ,raw sesame as subsidies .recipe: rub the flour into cake cover, the stuffing  is made of fat pork cubic mixed with white soy sauce msg, fine salt, allspice or spiced salt, pepper, etc  .when wrapping the stuffing, tuck a handful of chopped garlic, and spread the face of cake with raw sesame, then paste it to the stove and burn.

Taiping Swallow

The food consists of duck egg and flat meat swallow. Boil the duck egg with boiling water then take its shell off. Fuzhou dialect of “duck egg” has the same pronunciation with “repress the repellion”, which means “very peaceful”. The flat meat swallow is the popular food of Fuzhou that is tender and delicious.

Immersed Flavoring Chicken

It is the traditional famous dish of Fuzhou specialty. Take a hen with a weight of two kilos, kill and wash it ,put in into boiling water and cook on soft fire for ten minutes. Turn it up and cook for another ten minutes, take it out, cut the body into four blocks after cooling down. Put them into small basin, add sorghum liquor, fine salt,msg ,etc, seal them and salt for one hour then you can eat it. The dish has a deep red color, soft texture, savory flavor, rich nutrition.