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Fuzhou Food

Last updated by  at 2017/5/3

Fuzhou Featured Food:

Line Noodles

Take fine flour as the raw material, subsidized by fine salt, vegetable powder and edible oil ,etc. then pull them manually and dry them. The line is within 0.7 mm thick. Some can make almost 1000 six-meter-long line noodles with half kilo flour. The line noodle of Fuzhou has the feature of no overcook when boiling, softness and slipperiness ,no stick to the teeth .


Dingbian Paste

The frequently taken breakfast for Fuzhou citizens. Boil in an iron pot the broth made with clam, mushrooms, shrimp meat, garlic, day lily and other ingredients. When the pot is hot, rub it with peanut oil, and then pour the prepared thick rice paste onto the inside of the pot. After it is dry, shovel it into the broth. After boiling it for a moment, you can have it with soft and savory taste.

Fried Fresh Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots is one of the best of sheng family. It has the feature of thick and long shell with a yellow brown color. When you put two together, it forms the shape like a bamboo tube. The meat of bamboo shoots is thick and crisp that contains rich protein, fat and calcium, phosphorus, etc, and has high nutritional values.