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Fuzhou Shopping

Fuzhou Local Products:

Seashell Engraving

Make use of seashell resources, mounted into paintings, seashell inlaid lacquerware and smoking gear, plate box, bottle,etc. the seashells can be engraved into seashell painting of scenery ,flowers and birds with marvelous beauty.

Stone Carvings Of Mt.shoushan

Take the stone from Mt. Shoushan , Tian Hong, the agate frozen, thequartz frozen, tianlan frozen at the north summit of Mt.Shoushan as the raw materials, making seals, cigarette box ,vase, stationery, character scenery ,animals ,flower and plants,etc.

Wood Painting

Take the hitch bark as the material, paint in sharp knife, carve and connect into hanging screens,screens, and things like pavilions, wood and flowers, corridors and winding trails, and characters and animals.

Bodiless Lacquerware

The product has light and firm texture ,plain style and colorful decoration. The products include lacquer painting, screen, vase, tea set, smoking gear, stationery, etc. They have received golden awards in international exposition in Panama, Chicago and Paris, etc. for many times since 1898.

Fuzhou Flower Tea

According to the different kind of flowers selected, Fuzhou flower tea can be divided into jasmine tea, jade orchid tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea ,rose tea, shaddock tea, etc. among them , the one with best quality is jasmine tea which is famous for its thick fragrance and persistent freshness, with the tea aromatic and color distinct and bright, sustainable for soaking.

Fuzhou Shops and Stores: