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Fuzhou Transport

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Air Transport

Fuzhou Changle international airport is 47 kilometers far from downtown, and it is one of the ten airports of the country and one of the best large-scale international airports with good conditions. It has the most advanced navigation equipment in the world and has set up nearly 50 airlines both home and abroad. The airport is about 47 kilometers far from downtown. There are buses from airport to downtown with the ticket price 20 RMB per person and about one hour trip. It cost about 120  RMB if you take a taxi.

Fuzhou Changle International Airport Group

Address: Zhang port, Changle, Fuzhou
Tel: 28013246

Railway Transport

Fuzhou has very convenient railway system which can take you to every place of the country. The railway station is located at the north end of Hualin road of downtown. No. 5, 17, 20, 26, 51, 821, 905, 917, 949, 951 buses and Yaxiya special line, Xierhuan special line and Agricultural University special line can all take you there.

Fuzhou railway station

Address: Hualin road, Fuzhou
Tel: 87579350


Fuzhou has convenient and rapid highway transportation. There are three major long distance bus stations: the northern station of passenger transportation near railway station, southern station of passenger transportation in Wuyi road and the western station of passenger transportation near Hongshan bridge.

Fuzhou bus transportation company

Address: Jiaotong road, Fuzhou

Fuzhou taijiang united company of  passenger transportation

Address: guangming road, Fuzhou

City Transportation


The bus lines of Fuzhou are very extensive. Buses are mainly composed of those with air conditioners, mini-bus as a complement. The air conditioner buses are automatic charging, and you must take changes with you. In downtown, no matter how far it is, the ticket price is one Yuan per person from October,16 to May,14 next year. From May, 15 to October,15, the price is two Yuan per person due to the operation of air conditioners. The mini-buses are all heading to the alleys, which is convenient for people going out.


There are two kinds of taxis in Fuzhou, which are Fukang and Santana. For Fukang, the starting price is 7yuan within 3 kilometers and 1.4yuan per kilometer. For Santana, the starting price is 8yuan within 3kilometers, and 1.8 yuan per kilometer. There is an additional driving fee of 50% above 5kilometers,and 10% per kilometer after 23:00.

Water transportation

Fuzhou port is one of the two commercial ports along the coast of Fujian province. It is the biggest sea and river port and key transportation position both land and water. At the same time, it is one of the open-up ports of foreign trade .It can reach the main coastal ports and yangtzi river ports. In addition, it has many international lines and has opened navigation to more than 30 ports in OVER 20 countries and areas.

The passenger depot of Fuzhou port(inquiring office)

Address: Jingwu road, Mewed , fuzhou
Tel: 83682344

The passenger depot of Fuzhou port( taijiang ticket  office)

Address: Wuyi south road, Fuzhou