Langmu Temple

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Langmu Temple is called the tiger cave and the fairy in Tibetan. People must be wondering how the tiger cave and the fairy were tied together. It was said that there was a fierce tiger in the cave of the canyon on the southeastern bank of Bailong River. And there was also a stalactite which is the spitting image of a slim fairy. So it is said a place where there is a fairy in the tiger cave. However, another story was going about that a beautiful girl who was kind, selfless and brave turned into a rock in the cave with the company of the tiger in order to prevent the tiger from doing harm to people.

The small town attracts tourists for it is quite different from other tourist towns. It is remarkable for its peaceful natural scenery and the poetical landscape. The town and the hills are wreathed in mist all the year round. The hills are always so mysterious, the valleys are so deep and quiet and the town is extremely tranquil and tender. People will feast their eyes on the charming scenery: bright mountain flowers in full bloom in spring, rich pastures and thriving herds in summer, frost falling on the field in autumn, the white apparel of winter.

There are lots of Buddhist ceremonies in Tibetan. The main Buddhist ceremonies in large-scale of Langmu Temple are the sunning of the Buddha Festival and Living Buddhas’ teaching. Buddhist Tangka,shaidafo is a routine Buddhist ceremony which is held on the 15th of the first month in the lunar calendar, the Lantern Festival every year.

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How to Get There?
A traveler can go by bus from Lanzhou, Xiahe County, Hezuo County or Ruoergai of Sichuan Province to the place and he will get off at the stop of Langmu Temple and then he need to walk another 3 kilometers before he can visit the temple

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Opening Hours:
AM 8:30—PM 5:00

More Tips:
1.Accommodations: The lodging fare is about 15RMB per person in the hostel and the lodging fare is about 30 RMB per person in the Langmu Temple hotel. 2.There is a terrace for celestial burial ceremonies around the Langmu Temple. Sometimes the sight will be probably observed.

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