The first great bend of Yellow River

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The first great bend of Yellow River is located in the Maqu County, which is in the southwest of the Autonomous Prefecture of Gan'nan Tibetan Nationality. Maqu County is the only city which is named by Yellow River in China, In Tibetan, the literal meaning of Maqu just means Yellow River.

Looked in the sky, the first great bend of Yellow River is like a beautiful fairy's jewel belt decorated with lunar light. "The jewel belt" zigzags through the great grassland and stretches towards an endless place. When sun is set down, the great grassland will be decorated with sunset light, which is framed well by the waving water of Yellow River and the first great bend of Yellow River looks like more attractive and resplendent. Every cove of Yellow River represents the natures from Mum well. Yellow River is a great Mum who is loved deeply by her children-Chinese.

Out of Maqu County, a traveler will find Maqu Yellow River Bridge, which is a reinforced concrete modern one and crosses the banks of Yellow River. The first great bend of Yellow River is around here. Because of the zigzag, so it is also called running backwards Yellow River. Standing on the Bridge and overlooking Yellow River—a Mother River, which is going and flushing with torrents to a far place ,a traveler will appreciate naturally the natural beauty, the magnificent sight and the spectacular sight. The watercourse which represents a letter "V" surrounds Maqu Grass and is connected with snow mountains and lakes to make a pageantry on earth. It is a natural motive to praise the Chinese resplendence.

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A traveler can go by bus from Langmu Temple to the place and there is a return bus in the same day.

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a whole day

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