The grassland of Sangke

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The grassland of sangke belongs to a kind of meadow grassland and its average altitude is over 300 meters. The area of the grassland of sangke is 70 square kilometers or so. And its hypsography is not much uneven on the whole and it is very spacious .And there are lush grass, stout and strong flocks and herds. The grassland of sangke is an important base of livestock products in the Autonomous Prefecture of Gan’nan Tibetan Nationality.

In summer, the grassland of sangke looks like an endless natural green blanket .And there are endless wild flowers which are booming and attractive on the great tableland. The serpentine Daxia River runs though the grassland of sangke, which seems like a piece of Tibetan belt waving down on the natural green blanket. Around the water and electricity station of sangke, there are clear water with popple waving slightly and the bottom of the water can be seen clearly. There is a beautiful poetic picture with reflections of blue sky and white clouds connected with the clear water around the water and electricity station. And flocks and herds and camps are scattered everywhere like stars in the sky on the wide endless natural green blanket A harmonious poetic picture will be observed-there are smoke from kitchen chimneys, which are curling and waving in the wind and there are eclogues wafting from musical instruments on horses. There will be a typical a pasturing sight on the tableland and also a typical representation about customs of Tibetan herdsmen. Particular tour items of Tibetan customs have been worked on the grassland of sangke. There are special lodging camps to accommodate travelers and the travelers will taste all kinds of local special food and drink like milk tea, Tibetan glutinous rice dough and mutton which are eaten with hand directly and not with any chopsticks, knives or forks. Travelers also have chances to wear peculiar Tibetan clothes and ride horses or yaks to have a walk or running on the grassland to appreciate customs of Tibetan herdsmen deeply and completely.

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How to Get There?
A traveler can go by a long distance bus from Lanzhou, to Xiahe County and it often will take 6 hours. the bus ticket fare is 20 RMB or so. When travelers arrive at Xiahe they can go there by charting a taxi

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a whole day

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The best tour time In Jun and July, there are endless wild flowers which are booming and attractive on the great natural green blanket. Blue sky, white clouds and the grassland makes a beautiful harmonious picture which is attractive and spectacular.

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