the great nunnery

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There are total 8 pagodas around the great nunnery. After rebuilding, the area of the great nunnery is about 40 mu. The main building of the great nunnery is including 42 pieces of smaller nuns' meeting rooms where nuns do religious activities together. There are many statues of famous figures in its history.

And there are lots of religious classics and religious instruments like suona horn,shell trumpets and others in main building. There are total 86 nun's yards including 260 pieces of nuns' dorms in the great nunnery. All the places make a relative independent living environment and a relative independent religious environment. There are very strict inner disciplines in the great nunnery.

The nuns are a main part of local Tibetan Buddhist cultures. till the year 1995 there are total 160 nuns and most of them are young Tibetan girls.The nuns are a very special social group. For the living Buddha, there are Gulangjiasai ,zhuoluo and others.every year,its Buddhist activities will be held for days in January, March, April ,August and May in lunar calendar. At that time hundreds of pilgrims will come here to worship the Buddha and other saint figures. Around the great nunnery a beautiful picture made of natural sights connected with human sights naturally. It is a particular scenic spot.

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A traveler can go by bus from Bus Station to the place and then Charting is also a good a choice.

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AM 8:30—AM12:30, PM2:30- 6:30 in summer and fall; AM 8:30—AM12:00, PM2:30-- 6:00 in winter and spring.

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