The Mount of Dalijia

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The Mount of Dalijia is famous as the Mount of taizi and it is the boundary mountain between Xiahe County and Xunhua County. There are steer cliffs and steep naked rocks over the snow line,where climate is very bad and forever snow never melt. And the vegetation is good below the snow line. There are endless flowers and all kinds of  herdgrass with excellent qualities and valuable medicines too. The mineral resources are rich too. In the Mount of Dalijia there are five different mountainous lakes which are very attractive.

The five different mountainous lakes have beautiful names in Tibetan. Among them, the lake of Cuoluorui is made up of two smaller lakes. And the lake of Cuoergengcuo is the largest one. Dalicuijia lake is the main lake among the five lakes. Its cadle is a kind of volcano crater. The area of Dalicuijia lake is 210 mu and its depth is too deep to be known. The taste of the water is tasteless. On days with gentle breeze and bright sunshine the lake is calm which is looked like a mirror embedded in the green grassland from a far place. As the local people say, when there are black clouds running over the lake, heavy fogs over the lake and when thunder and lightening are crying over the lake the lake water will increase quickly which are observed they seem to be boiled and bubbled up. In the meantime, huge waves of the lake will hit the rocks along the banks heavily. The lake surface is looked like an oval and there are not obvious water inlets.    However, outside of the lake, there are three great springs running into the lake continuously, which will pass by Linxia,Xunhua and Qianshui. The babbling of the water can be heard from a far place. In a word the lake is famous for its depth, height and mystery. Around the lake there are few of traces human presences .     

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There are direct buses from gannan to Ganjia town.

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AM 8:00—PM 6:00

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