The scenic spots in Zecha and Gahai

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The scenic spot of Stone Forest in Zecha is located in the south of Luqu County and it is a kind of natural miracle. After Denudation by rain and wind, erosion by water over millions of years, the stones in the area have been making magnificent pictures of grotesque peaks and grotesque stones every place in the area, which are usually looked like towering into the sky.

For the models in the Stone Forest in Zecha, some is like a tiger which is climbing down; some are very prodigious and incredibly magnificent and are towering like sheer cliffs and all the models are very lifelike imitating women, monkeys, monks, and generals. The magnificent stone models are scattered over like stars in the sky or pieces on the chessboard in the area.

Among all the grotesque peaks and grotesque stones in the Stone Forest in Zecha, the most magnificent sight is called "the gleam of sky of stone gate" with majestic vigor and pageantry , whose height is around hundreds of meters and which is extremely narrowed and the width is perhaps only for a horse with sacks to go through. the murmuring stream water goes through the stone gate slowly.

However, a wooden plank road built along the edges of the stone gate has been built in order to satisfy the needs of travelers. And the stone gate is must way to go into the Stone Forest. Considering its strategic locality, a figure of speech of with one man guarding the pass and ten thousand can not break it open, can be used to modify it. The altitude of Gahai is 3479.7 meters or so. There are abundant resources of wild animals and plants and the grass is abundant too. Many rare migrated animals and birds love the place as their homes and breeding bases.

The Gahai Grass is one of the best excellent grasses in Asia. Every summer, there are lush grass, stout and strong flocks and herds. And it is very cool and comfortable too in the expansive grass where kinds of rare birds like swans, gray cranes and black neck cranes and other birds are playing and living around the Holy Gahai Lake which is surrounded by the expansive grass. At the moment, a travel has a leisurely walk in the grassland he will feel very relaxed and happy.

The 213th National Road goes by the expansive grass and it is a must way to Jiuzaigou and Yellow dragon Temple, both of which are very popular around. in summer, the expansive grass is an ideal place to pass the summer in a leisurely way. 

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How to Get There?
there are no direct buses from Xiahe County to Gahai village. A traveler can go by bus from Xiahe County to Hezuo County first and then to go from Hezuo County to Maqu or Langmu Temple by bus and the traveler should get off at the stop of Gahai village. And there is about 72 kilometers from Xiahe County to Hezuo County. And the bus will start off every hour and its fare is 6.5 RMB .And there is about 133 kilometers from Hezuo County to Gahai village. And the bus will start off only in the morning and its fare is 10 RMB. so it will be not easy get a bus ticket from Hezuo County to Gahai village when a traveler arrives at Hezuo County. Booking a bus ticket from Hezuo County to Gahai village in advance will be a good choice.

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AM 8:30—PM 8:00 in summer and fall; AM 8:30—PM 6:00 in winter and spring

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