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Xiahe County which is called the small Tibet, is located in Gansu province, the People's Republic of China. And it is also called the oriental Vatican . Xia River refers to the Daxia River which runs alongside the town. And nowadays, Xiahe County is rich in tourist resources and travelling occupies an important position in Xiahe. Now there are 5 scenic regions and 36 scenic spots which possess folk custom and Tibetan Buddhism. And Xiahe becomes one of the most important tourist resorts in Gannan. And tourists will feast their eyes on the vast expanse of grasslands, the beautiful natural scenery and the famous monastery. What’s more, the tourist industry and the travel infrastructure in Xiahe have been developing quickly these years, such as transportation, sightseeing, accommodation, food, shopping and entertainment. It’s comfortable for tourists to travel in Xiahe.
There are numerous places of historic figures and cultural heritage and natural wonders with distinctive regional and national characteristics in Xiahe. The tourists can come here to appreciate an air of mystery of the Buddhism Culture and enjoy the miraculous Tibetan folk and religious arts. Besides, tourists can also learn about Tibetan people’s devotion to Tibetan Buddhism and their optimistic attitude and good nature towards natural environment and life. What’s more, the peculiar music, dance and festival celebrations of Tibetan will give tourists keen enjoyment. And many people come here to release for flight the green mood, return to nature and traditional value. People will feel completely relaxed and happy in such a harmonious environment: flowers blooming in profusion, rivers running clean and wide, rich pastures and thriving herds. Human and nature keep in harmony there. Meanwhile, the grassland is also a summer resort for people to enjoy themselves. If the tourists work much enthusiasm about it, they can ride horses for themselves on the grassland to feel personally the great pleasure. Or visit the yak tents and experience personally the nomad life of the Tibetan people. Besides, if the tourists work much enthusiasm about archaeology, they can visit the most distinct ancient city which has a long historical standing in the world. What’s more, there is a street where there are lots of ethnic goods, such as the ethnic restaurants, art, lifestyle, distinct diet and dress.

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Nomad Travel is a Dutch / Tibetan company based in Xiahe. They organize wonderful day trips to the grasslands around Xiahe, as well as interesting cultural tours to the Tibetan areas of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces. The guides are all Tibetans who tell you great stories about the real Tibetan life.  They are also very knowledgeable about Tibetan Buddhism which is wonderful when visiting the many monasteries around.  Their tours are non-touristy and the company really gives great service.

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