Gannan Travel Guide

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Gannan Overview

The Autonomous Prefecture of Gan'nan Tibetan Nationality is located in Gansu Province. And it was established in the year 1953. It was one of ten Autonomous Prefectures of Tibetan Nationality in China. The Autonomous Prefecture of Gan’nan Tibetan Nationality has a long history and an effulgent national culture.

Its history can be traced back to the New Stone Age. At that time early human beings had been living around Taoshui He River, Bailong River and Daxia River. Old Qiang Nationality, one of the oldest nationalities in China, once lived here for a long time. Partly, we can say, the Autonomous Prefecture of Gan'nan Tibetan Nationality is a cradle for the Old Qiang Nationality.

In the Autonomous Prefecture, there is the well-known Temple of Lableng , which is a symbol of Gelu Denomination among Tibetan Buddhism. The Temple of Lableng was established in the year AD1710 and there are lots of valuable historical and cultural books. The Temple of Lableng is a key base of preservation of cultural and historical relics in China. And there are the Temple of Zhuoni'chanding, which was established in the year AD1206 and the Temple of Langmu'saichi and other total over one hundred Buddhist temples.

For other cultural and historical relics, there are the Octagonal Town and Taozhou castle and its guard wall, both of which were built in Ming Dynasty (AD1368-AD1644). There are also very famous relics concerning modern Chinese history, especially the history of early China Communist Party and the well-known Long March. For example, the famous Lazikou Battle happened here. The soviet relic of Lintan is located in the Autonomous Prefecture too.

Area code: 0941

Postcode: 747000

The area: 45 thousand square kilometers

The population: 660 thousand

Administrative divisions: it consists of one city--Hezuo City and seven counties, that is, Xiahe, Luqu, Maqu, Lintan, Zhouqu, Diebu and Zhuoni County