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Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/15

Duoshihe is a local particular food too. And its process is to separate meat(mutton) from bones first. In the next step the cooker will cut the mutton into pieces and pile the mutton pieces up, which will be mixed with spice and salt. In the third step the cooker will put part of the mutton pieces up into a goat stomach, which has been cleaned first, with a clean heated stone together. When the goat stomach is full, it will be tied tightly with a string. Because the goat stomach is heated there are much heat in it. After it is cool, the cooker will make a cut on the goat stomach to let the mutton juice flow out and cut the whole goat stomach into pieces completely. The cooker will invite the guests to eat the mutton with the mutton soup together. And it will be a pleasure. Its flavor is very particular and very delicious and the taste is second to none.