Danba Stockade Tower

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Danba is reputed as "The County of a Thousand Watchtowers". The county has a wide distribution of watchtowers which mainly concentrate along the two banks of river valley. Three or five watchtowers are usually located close to each other, or stand separately on mountain tops. Leaning on high mountains, they echo towards each other in an artistic manner. There are complexes of watchtowers which stretch as far as your eyes can see.

The most characteristic complexes among them are Suopo Village and Zhonglu Village. According to record, the ancient watchtower complexes in Danba County have a history of over one thousand years and leave to later generations many mysterious legends. Ancient watchtowers are built up with earth and rocks. They have good outlooks and solid structures. Most of them are close to residential stockade villages, but some stand on flat or in valleys.

The figure of the ancient watchtowers looks like that of cube with four, five, eight, or even thirteen corners. They are usually no less than ten meters; most of them are around thirty meters in height; some can reach fifty or sixty meters high. In terms of usage, some are military fortresses for the transmission of information; some are geomantic omen watchtowers signifying good fortune; and others are watchtowers related with religion or superstition and are considered as divine force for getting rid of evil things.

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