Danba Tibetan Stockade Village

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Danba Mountain Stockade Village is the most characteristic Tibetan Village in Jiarong area. It is especially famous for those in Jiaju, Niejia, Geshizha, and Badi Villages. Several hundred residential buildings lean on the mountains and spread in the nature in a dotted manner. It reflects the concept of "Man is an integral part of nature". Looking from afar, the flush farmland and the stockade villages hidden in the lush forest are cuddled by the nimbus valley.

They are decorated with emerald green trees and grasses, and accompanied by zigzag rivulets. Rolls of fantastic pictures of natural scenery are presented to you. Stockade villages in Danba County are also called Diaolou (military watchtower) Stockade Village. Military watchtower and Stockade Village are two major styles of local architecture. They have combined with each other along with the time. In terms of form, the Diaolou (military watchtower) Stockade Village features the patterns of both Diaolou (military watchtower) Village and Stockade village. It usually has three or four floors with one wing-room at the side. No matter what kind of residential house and wing-room it has, the outside of the top floor is painted with yellow, black, and white color belt. It is one of the major characteristics of Jiarong Tibetan Stockade Village.

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(1) Tourists can take bus or hitchhike to Jiaju Village. The price for taxi is 10 yuan per person on average. It is also a good idea to go to the village on foot. (2) There are fast food restaurants in front of Jiaju Residential Welcoming Station. You can enjoy local food, such as pancake, rice, corn-flour steamed bread, wheat-flour bun, and steamed dumpling, potato, buttered tea, zajiu wine, preserved ham, and stir-fried preserved vegetables with vinegar, etc. You can enjoy yourselves while only spending 15 to 20 yuan. Besides, there are many other flavors of dish, such as Fragrant Pork (20 yuan per 500 kilograms), steamed or baked corn (one yuan for each), steamed or toasted potato (two yuan per 500 kilograms), local Kaojiu Wine (five yuan per 500 kilograms), and Zajiu Wine (ten yuan per jar). The prices for shakedown accommodation, average bed, Tibetan Bed, and sing room are respectively ten yuan, 20 yuan, 25 yuan, and 40 yuan per person.

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