Hailuo Valley Hot Spring

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The Hailuo Valley is located in the east hillside of the Gongga mountain (altitude on the east edge of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau), under the jurisdiction of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The Hailuo Valley lays at the foot of the Gongga snow-topped peak, famous for its low-elevation glacier. The crystal glacier comes down and decorates the whole valley to be a pure white world——the huge ice cave and ice bridge make the scenery look like the crystal palace in the myths.

In the world of ice and snow, there are dozens of hot springs, exuding from the underground. The highest temperature of the spring mouth could reach 90`C. In front of each spring mouth, there are always small pools, white and blue, which are as beautiful as miniascapes with jade sculptures. Water in the pools pours down——blue waterfalls with hot steam look tremendously beautiful.

According to research, springs here are high-quality mineral hot springs, which are limpid, odour-free and good for patients with neuralgia, gastroenterology, diabetes mellitus or arthritis.

A huge outdoor swimming pool stays together with thousands of smaller hot spring pools, just like lots of blue crescent moons on the white ground. The steam bath rooms are like Mongolian yurts, in which spreads hot vapour.

The Hailuo Valley is not very cold in winter so that it is a good place to enjoy vacation time. You could enjoy the time in the hot sprint pool, with snowflakes going down. Snowflakes will be evaporated by the hot steam, and then they will permeate in the air and drop onto your skin as little water-drops while you’ll feel the charm and mystery of the nature combine together.

The swimming pool always has clear water with gentle temperature, surrounding by the primary forests. There you could enjoy the cedar umbrella, azalea decoration and birds’ singing, which could make you recover one's original simplicity and get back to the embrace of the nature.

Yading Landscape in Ganzi

Hot Springs

Campsite No.1 (the Hot Spring Holiday Inn): There are a large-scale hot spring pool together with the best scenic spots and the best photographic site near the Campsite No.3. You could enjoy the hot spring for free if you settle in the Holiday Inn. The water here is more clear and clean since it is seldom opened to the public.

Campsite No.2: Around the Campsite No.2, there are lots of hot spring pools, among which the highest water temperature reaches 92`C so that you could bath here even in winter. Drinking the water here is good for your health since there are plenty of Ca elements in the water. The famous “Jade Pool of Immortals” is here. The 80`C spring water comes out from the swallet at the foot of a huge tree, pure, limpid and odour-free. After you finish your Hailuo Valley trip, have a bath here could sweep your weary and refresh your spirit.

Gongga Immortal Hot Spring: The Gongga Immortal Hot Spring is the largest hot spring holiday inn with most investment and completed facilities. The palace-like garden locates in the embrace of the primary forests, surrounding by the flowing streams, which make you feel like being in immortal paradise. Compare with the No.2 Campsite, the Gongga Immoral Hot Spring is lower (whose elevation is 1580 meters) so that it is safer to bath here. The water here is extremely clean since it is never reused. Besides, the site is not far away from the entrance of the Hailuo Valley (only 8km), which make your next-day arrangement convenient.


I. The hot springs here have good water quality, abundant water yield and comfortable water
temperature, full of micro-elements.

II. There are various kinds of hot spring pools (29 in total), including the only standard hot
spring swimming pool in the world, the Immortal Bathing Pool and the unique Golden Conch Pool, all of which are outdoor hot spring pools.

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How to Get There?

  1. Take tourism bus from Chengdu to Hailuo Valley at Chengdu New South Gate(XinNanMen) Bus Station. It starts every morning. Ticket price: about 104 yuan.
  2. Take bus from Chengdu City to Luding County at Chengdu ChaDianZi Bus Station and then change the bus there to Moxi Town.

Ticket Price:

The Entrance Ticket Price:70 yuan/person; Tourism Vehical Fare: 70 yuan/person

Opening Hours:

More Tips:
1. Since the elevation of the Hailuo Valley is high, with less oxygen, please pay attention to your safety during the spring time. Please don’t bath in the spring for too long, to avoid the altitude reaction and other diseases. Besides, too long time in hot spring will heavy your heart. 2. If your Hailuo Valley trip is in winter, please pay attention to the temperature difference in and out of the hot spring pools. It’s very easy to catch cold from hot water to cold air. 3. The tips above are especially important for old ages, who have weaker physical strength.

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