Hailuogou Glacier Park

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Hailuogou (Hailuo Dyke) Glacier Forest Park is superior to Alaska Glacier Park in the United States and Canuk Glacier Park in Canada as the unique glacier park boasting of the lowest altitude, most frequent geographical movements, and most complete glacier landforms. Hailuo Dyke Glacier came into being 1600 years ago. It is one of the rare glaciers with low altitude in the world. To the east of the ridge of the highest peak in Gongga Mountain Range lie precipitous mounts and deep valleys, presenting a rolling landform unique to the park. The roaring and deep Dadu River is accompanied by steep peaks and cliffs.

Here leans the grand canyon of about 30 kilometers wide and 6500 meters deep, rare to see in other places of the world. It is where the famous Hailuo Dyke Glacier Scenic Area is situated. The scenic area features complicated landforms and unique climatic features. There is a long spring time but without summer all over the year at the foot of Gongga Mountain. With amiable weather and lush trees, the average temperature here is 15℃ annually. But the mountain top is covered with white snow in the whole year and the annual temperature there is around 9℃ on average. Hailuo Dyke is originated from a river canyon of melted ice at the east slope of the highest peak in Gongga Mountain.

Yading Landscape in Ganzi

No. 1 Encampment

No. 1 Encampment is the key area of Hailuo Dyke Scenic Area. It has lush primeval forest and diversified rare animals, such as macaque, little panda, red-belly tragopan, and argal, etc. In summer and autumn the rare animals will be very active, and they are often seen in the forest. No. 1 Encampment covers the middle, upper, and sky-high parts of Gongga Mountain. Boasting an altitude of over 6000 meters, it enjoys the seven unique vegetation belts and soil belts in the world. Besides, it boasts most verities of plant and animal in China, such as cuckoo tree, Chinese larch, yew, dragon spruce, giant panda, gazelle, macaque, sunbird, and red-belly pheasant, etc. In addition, there are aromatic and colorful flowers of various breeds.

No. 2 Encampment

Feiquan Hot Springs in No. 2 Encampment is very famous. The high temperature spring water, which is around 90℃ at the exit, runs continuously all through the year. The hot spring water contains sodium bicarbonate and thus has obvious curative effect. Clear and transparent without smell, the spring water is very effective for the treatment of neuralgia, stomach and intestine disease, diabetes, and arthritis, etc. By now, there are ten open hot-springs and one open hot-spring swimming pool of 200 square kilometers. Around the hot springs are lush forests. During winter time, you can appreciate the fantastic scenery of falling snow while enjoying bathing in a hot spring.

No. 3 Encampment

With an altitude of 2940 meters, the No. 3 Encampment is eight kilometers away form No. 2 Encampment with the ancient Moraine Lake in between. The roof top of Jinshan Restaurant is the best place for appreciating "Jinshan Mountain in Sunlight", one of the five wonders in Hailuo Dyke Glacier Forest Park. When it is fine, the golden sunlight will irradiate the Sanlian Peak, Jinyin Mountian, and Wuming Peak of Gongga Mountains through the rosy clouds in the early morning. Instantly the peaks covered with white snow will put on a dazzling golden coat, which is effulgent and spectacular beyond expression. The best time for appreciating the scenery is 6: 40 in spring and summer, and 7: 20 in autumn and winter.

[Marvelous Spectacle of Glacier]

Traveling ahead for three kilometers from Jinshan Restaurant, you will arrive at the viewing platform of glacier. It will present to you the huge and grand scenery of ocean glacier in modern times. Portending from 2940 meters to 6750 meters above the sea, Hailuo Dyke Glacier is the largest, longest, and most gorgeous glacier in Gongga Mountains. It is composed of neve basis, huge waterfall, and glacier lingua respectively from the upper to the lower extending 13 kilometers. The glacier lingua is five kilometers in length. It grows into the primeval forest of fir, and gives birth to the wonderful scenery of glacier and forest coexistent with each other. Walking down the viewing platform, you will reach the majestic glacier in half an hour and have a close "contact" with it. On the glacier lingua of 5.7 kilometers long and 40—150 meters thick spreads the ice-surface lake, glacier arc bridge, serac forest, glacier stone fungus, glacier cracks, ice caves, ice river, and glacier city gate, etc. Among them, the crystal like glacier arch bridge shines green and blue.?

Grand Glacier Waterfall

Traveling forward on the glacier for one and half an hour, you will arrive at the viewing platform of the grand glacier waterfall in the black pine forest. The huge neve base at the east slope of Gongga Mountain is the origin of Hailuo Dyke Glacier. The glacier reaches out of the neve base and displays the biggest waterfall ever found in the world. It is 1080 meters high and 1100 meters wide. Spectacular and crystal like, it is the rare and majestic glacier in the world. In recent years, the glacier on the grand ice waterfall tends to crash. There are frequent icefall and snow slide all through the year. It is estimated that from spring to autumn, small scale icefalls or snow slides have happened for thousands of times. Each time when there is a big icefall, there will be granules of ice and snow splashing to all directions with blue shine. The sound of moving snow waves can reach several kilometers far.

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