Jingang Temple

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Jingang Temple, or King Kong Temple, is a Buddhist temple of the Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism (commonly known as the Red Sect). A small Nyingma temple was built at the foot of Horse Race Mountain (Paoma Shan) in Kangding during the 8th year of Hancun’s reign (1272) in the Song Dynasty, and this small temple became the predecessor of Jingang Temple.

The small temple was burnt down during the early 15th century. Then, under the charge of the local official (named Mingzheng Tusi), the temple was relocated less than a kilometer to the southwest (the present location of Jingang Temple south of Paomashan Park).

During the 10th day of the fifth month of the Tibetan calendar (early to late June) dances and music worship activities, named "Jumping God", will be held in honor of Padmasambhava (the founder of Tibetan Buddhism during the 8th century).

During the day, the odor of incense wreathes around the whole temple, drums and flutes will be played, the monks will chant and meditate, and visitors from the town or even from all over the country will rush there to join this important event. The most interesting part is “Jumping God”, commonly known as Dance Macabre. Dancers will wear skull-shaped face masks, white coats painted with lines of ribs, gloves with long fingernails, colored skirts, and rings on their feet.The dancers have graceful dancing steps with weird shapes. According to the locals, the skeletons symbolize good virtue and guardian deities.

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Take a short taxi ride or a twenty-minute walk from the center of Kangding. There is souvenir shop near the temple, which sells prayer flags and other Buddhist souvenirs. During lunch time, it is also possible to ask to eat in the temple kitchen. You need to pay for it.

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