Lotus Sea

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Lotus Sea is a highland fresh water lake located between Kangding and Jiulong, where Wuxu Sea Tourist Area is found, 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Kangding Town. It got its name because of the lotus flowers growing in the lake. Lotus Sea has an altitude of 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) and a total area of about 33 hectares (82 acres).

Lotus Sea is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, rocks and forests. The snow mountain peaks are magnificent and pure under the reflection of sunshine. The rocks and forests on the mountain sides are the home of many wild animals, like Mongolian gazelles and ghurals. On the mountain feet, there are a great variety of plants, especially herbs like worm grass, beimu (Fritillaria thun-bergli) and snow lotus. During the days when the flowers bloom, you will see beautiful plants and flowers, and smell the fragrance that will make you feel quite refreshed. During autumn, you can appreciate the colorful forests of the mountains. The water of Lotus Sea shows the reflection of forest and sky, so you will feel surrounded by the tranquil environment.

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