Mugecuo Scenic Area

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Mugecuo Scenic Area, also called Yeren Sea Scenic Area, is located in the northern part of Kangding County, the capital city of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is a part of Gongge Mountain scenic area, and is composed of scenic spots such as Muge Dyke and Mugecuo River, etc. The scenic area is about 25 kilometers long and 300 square kilometers in terms of total acreage. Mugecuo Scenic Area boasts of fantastic springs, lakes, primeval forests, azalea forest, precipitous peaks, and grotesque rocks of Guanmen Rock Scenic Area. It extends eight kilometers long and present to tourists the wonderful scenery with unique characteristics. There are four hot springs in the scenic area. The most famous one is reputed as "Pool with Curative Effect". The spring water is 80℃ and very effective on the treatment of dermatitis and neuritis diseases. Diaohaizi Lake is accompanied by primeval forest and lawn. The hot spring spraying out from one end of the lake mixes with lake water. It is a fantastic place for tourists to take a bath in.

Seven Color Sea

Seven Color Sea is the best sight in Mugecuo Scenic Area. It is a lake situated on plateau and composed of lake water and hot spring. Cuddled by forest and meadow, the lake is famous for the quiet and elegant atmosphere, and the crystal-like, transparent water which changes color along with weather. The crescent Seven Color Sea is just like a prism mirror as a decoration between the forest and meadow. Walking around the lake, you will be greatly attracted by the fantastic sceneries of Seven Color Sea, such as "Lotus Flower in the Mist", "Lotus Flower Afterglow", and "Inverted Reflection of Hump Rock in the Water", etc.

The lake water can change its color in different times, varying from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, etc. Therefore it is the wonder of the scenic area. At the right side of the lake sprays a hot spring with curling hot vapor upwards. The temperature of the spring water is around 67℃, for which it is a good place for bath or treatment of disease. Inside the lush forest to the southeast of Seven Color Sea lies the romantic Weixing Lake (also called Qinghai Lake). It is accompanied by lovely birds with sweet voice and gentle mountain winds.

On the opposite side of the Seven Color Sea stands the vivid Hump Mount, while at its left leans the sacred Lotus Flower Mountain. The Lotus Flower Mountain is famous for its towering peaks covered with snow under the blue sky. It twinkles mysteriously in sunlight with silver ray and looks like the lotus flower desk of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, for which it wins the name "Lotus Flower Mountain". At the northeast corner of the Qinghai Lake lies the charming "Fragrant Meadow" of 500 square meters. It seems like a colorful and flamboyant carpet among the lush woods and mountains. With exuberant, fragrant grass and numerous wild flowers, it is a natural paradise where you can enjoy to your heart content on the horse back.   

 Pool with Curative Effect and Boiling Springs

It is the second wonderful scenic spot in Mugecuo Scenic Area. Three kilometers off the Seven Color Sea and with an altitude of 3500 kilometers, it is endowed with more than 20 hot spring sources and their temperature is as high as 90℃. Their heat is originated from an area of heat reserve which is 200℃ in the deep earth's crust. The spring water is of high quality and it has many microelements useful for health keeping, such as lithium, Strontium, silicon acid, and carbonic acid, etc. Boiling springs here can be categorized into many kinds, such as Buddha Spring, Clear-sighted Spring, Stomach-improving Spring, and Feet Bath Spring, etc.

The water of Buddha Spring has no peculiar smell; it is good for heart and eyes if infused with tea. Clear-sighted Spring, Stomach-improving Spring, and Feet Bath Spring are respectively helpful for the treatment of eye disease, tummy bugs and rheumatism, as well as for health keeping. From ancient times till now, the spring water here is reputed as "divine Water". At the right side of the scenic spot lies the unique and unconventional Yaochi Pool Stocked Village of primeval simplicity. It combines the style of Daofubengke and Danba Carvings and Sculptures, and is famous for elegance and grandness. Close to the Pool with curative effect and Boiling Springs and emerald green pines and cypress, it is a fantastic place for recreation and entertainment. Ascending the flat roof of the Yaochi Pool Stocked Village and experiencing the gentle mountain wind, you will enjoy the wonderful scenery by taking a bird view of the magnificent Azalea Canyon near at hand.   

Azalea Canyon

Azalea Canyon is a flowery girdle running horizontally in Mugecuo Scenic Area. It connects to Seven Color Sea to the east and joins hands with Yeren Sea to the west. The canyon extends six kilometers with colorful azaleas of different categories. 68 breeds of azalea assemble here and they start to blossom from mid April to July, lasting four months. Azalea Canyon boasts of hot springs, lakes, meadows, grotesque rocks and precipitous peaks, as well as rushing rivers and waterfalls. The canyon presents to tourists the wonderful natural landscape with primitive simplicity.

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Tourists with backpacks can arrive at the destination on foot. It usually takes 150 to 180 yuan by hiring a car, 40 yuan as entrance fee to the driver. It is a 30-minute distance from Kangding to the scenic area.

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(1).In winter tourists should keep attention on the roads in the scenic area because they are a little hard to walk on. (2) Scenic spots such as Seven Color Sea and Mugecuo Sea offer the service of amusing tents and yachts. Mugecuo Hotel provides accommodation, recreation facilities and shopping sites. Besides, there are tour guides, horse hiring, and other logistic service for tourists in the Horse-riding Beauty Spot.

(3) In the Mugecuo Scenic Area, the Seven Color Sea is 3400 meters above the sea. The temperature is relatively low before April and the average temperature in summer here is form 8℃ to 14℃. It is cool at night while hot at noon. There are snow falls in late October but they last short. From the end of December to February, Mugecuo Lake freezes until March. Tourists are suggested to prepare enough clothes according to different season times and climate. (4) Tourists are suggested to bring with enough food because there are short of restaurants in the scenic area. (5)Suggested Touring Hours: Three hours

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