Yala Divine Mountain

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Yala Divine Mountain is 5820 meters above the sea. It is covered with white snow all through the year, and cuddled by mist and clouds. The mountain sits towards west and looks like a huge sculpture of Buddha. There are several glaciers with light green color. A waterfall of about 60 meters rushes down from the precipitous cliff, and gives birth to the Yushi Sea. Yushi Sea is about one kilometer wide and its water has five colors, emerald green, silver gray, dark gray, dark yellow, and light yellow. Around the lake are the stone shores originated from grandeur ancient glacier, redwood forest, and cuckoo wood. It is said that in Yala Divine Mountain there is a cave where King Gsar once hided his armor, bow, and arrow. Close to Yushi Sea also lies the Sister Sea. At the foot of Yala Divine Mountain lean several hot springs. It is said there are 480 hot springs which have curative effect on 480 diseases. By now only 16 are retained. In 1729, the seventh ruling year of Emperor Yongzheng in Qing dynasty, the then regime allocated 140,000 taels of silver to the scenic area so as to build up Huiyuan Temple as the temporary residence of Gesangjiacuo, the seventh generation of Dalai Lama, and Bamei Stone Forest featuring rolling hills and shield-like peaks with myriad visions.

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