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Milk produces

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/26

There are a lot of cow and sheep raised in Kangding. Therefore milk produces here are really abundant, including the two most popular ones, namely, acidophilus milk, and milk residue. Acidophilus milk can be further divided into two flavors: cheese, also called daxue in Tibetan language. It is made of the refined milk produces with butter. The other flavor is called exue in Tibetan and it is not refined through butter. No matter what kind of acidophilus milk it is, the raw material is milk; after the chemical change in sugar, it becomes more nutritious; through the process of boil, water is vaporized and the milk depositions are left. Milk depositions can be made into milk biscuits and coagulations. When the milk is boiled, a piece of crust will come into form. In Tibetan it is called bima. The milk crust looks like bean curd skin; it tastes very delicious and has rich nutrition.