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Ganzi Local Products:


Musk is a kind of animal from deer family. The dried secretion from the body of matured linshe and mashe musks are rare Chinese traditional medicine. It tastes a little spicy but has a lukewarm nature. It is a good formula for tranquilization, regulating blood condition, and reducing pain. It is also a precious material for quality spice.

White Fungus

White Fungus grows in the grassland of over 3800 meters above the sea. It has a white color and tastes delicate and delicious. As an edible epiphyte, White Fungus has high nutrition. Ganzi Prefecture has a rich produce of about ten categories of funguses, such as Toadstool, Egg Fungus, and Roe Fungus. They are all delicious dish for banquet.

Red Orpine

Red Orpine is a kind of wild plant living on plateaus of 3500 meters above the sea. According to scientific research, Red Orpine is effective for reducing the anoxic symptoms. Compared with ginseng and Throny Acanthopanax Root, it has no side effect. Ginseng is a little too strong in excitation and Throny Acanthopanax Root may lead to constipation.

Snow Lotus Flower

It grows on the grass and stone beach of high mountains with an altitude of 4000 to 5000 meters. Ganzi is a main production area of Snow Lotus Flower. This kind of Chinese herb has clear curative effect of clearing up internal heat, getting rid of damp, and regulating blood condition.


Caladium, also called chuanbei, is a major local produce in Kangba. It lives on the stone beach or grass beach of high mountains 2500-5000 meters above the sea. Caladium can help reduce couch, improve lung, get rid of over heat, tranquilize blood conditions, and regulate urination.

Pilose Antler

Pilose Antler refers to the delicate horns of male deer. It can help improve kidney and strengthen the body conditions of males.

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