Headstream Region of the Changjiang River

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The Changjiang River originates from two glaciers (the north one and the south one) in the shape of semiarc at the southwest of Geladandong Ice Peak with an altitude of 6458 meters, the main peak of Tangula Mountain Chain. The south glacier and the north glacier respectively have lengths of 12.5 and 10.1 kilometers and widths of 16 and 1.3 kilometers with two serac forests of 5 and 2 kilometers in their ends.

The vast and glittering glaciers are surrounded by mountains and peaks covered with snow in the middle of smoke and cloud. The melt water of the glaciers forms the first river of Changjiang river—the Tuotuo River which lies in between the east longitude of 90.7′and the north latitude of 33.28′in the Tangula mountainous area of Gelmu city. The headstream region of the Changjiang River is rich in resources like crystal stone, sulfurous iron ore, lead zinc ore, Gymnocypris przewalskii, snow cock and so on. On the hillside and mountain foot, there is the vast grassland containing many hard plants and wild animals. In all, the rich and beautiful headstream region of the Changjiang River will show its floweriness and great breadth of mind to the world. In 2000, it was enlisted as one of the Three Rivers' Headstream Regions together with the headstream regions of the Yellow River and of Lanchang River.

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