Kunlun Mountain

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With a length of 1200 kilometers and a width of 60-120 kilometers in Qinghai province, Kunlun Mountain reaches its highest altitude of 6860 meters on the Bugedaban Peak. Most of the mountains in the province belong to the Kunlun Mountain Chain which was titled by the ancient people as the “primogenitor of mountains”, the “forefather of Dragon descendants” and “Dragon Mountain”. Kunlun Mountain being one of the cradles for Chinese Legends and Stories, a lot of fairy stories had been composed concerning about or relative to it, including the well-known Pilgrimage to the West, Chang Er Flies to the Moon, Tale of the White Snake and so on. At the Kunlun Mountain Pass, the altitude suddenly rises to 4700 meters from 2800 meters and the temperature and pressure drop greatly. Full of power and grandeur and covered by snow, the mountain is enchanting indeed with its white peak like a sharp sword reaching the sky. On the top of the Kunlun Mountain, you will feel like roaming on the sky and it is hard for you to distinguish the nature from man since they have combined together.

Besides its wonderful landscapes, the Kunlun Mountain can also produce the elegant color jade, namely Kunlun jade. It is so amazing to think that such delicate jade is out of such hard and dangerous snow mountain. Amazing sights of rare birds and animals chanting each other can be seen at any time on the snow mountain, grassland or Gobi, which composes a beautiful natural picture.

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visitors can get there by tourist coach.

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A whole day

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Recommended time for tourists:three hours

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