Nachitai Hot Spring

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The Nachitai Hot Spring which is translated from Tibetan and means “the mesa terrace in the marsh ” is also called Kunlun Hot Spring. A jet of hot spring suddenly bubbles up in the middle of the pond surrounded by polygonal patterns made of stone plates, which forms the glittering and translucent mushroom called the Nachitai Hot Spring. And its water in is cold, clear and limpid. Located in the high cold zone with an altitude of 3540, though the water temperature is very low for it is covered by ice and snow all the year long, it has never frozen. Thus it is the first ice-free spring in Kunlun Mountain Range. The discharge of stream in the Nachitai Hot Spring is stable and generous with a speed of 224.7 liter/second. Because its salinity is below 0.5 gram/liter and it contains healthy gas and minor elements, it is awarded as “the honey dew on the ice mountain”. Besides, a smaller natural mineral spring which is also called Nachi Fountain is situated in the center of the famous Nachitai county, 50 meters away from the bigger Nachitai Hot Spring. Formed by the underflow melt water from Kunlun Mountain in 24 years, there was spring base and pavilion which were destroyed on November 14, 2001, in the big earthquake in Gelmu city. At present, they are reopened after a comprehensive reconstruction. The spring base had been expanded from the original 400 square meters to 800 square meters and two new divine springs with depths of 1.5 meters—the big divine spring with an area of 5000 square meters and the small divine spring with an area of 1200 square meters, were built under the Kunlun Divine Spring. In addition, an artificial waterfall of six meter’s height was also created with the help of the water from the Kunlun Divine Spring. With red trout being raised in the two new divine springs, tourists can enjoy themselves by the scene as well as by fishing here. And Nachitai becomes an ideal place for self-driving travel, hiking and bike-riding travel along the Qingzang highway.

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